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Fear. One word that people usually go about living their whole life with. People grow with it and never wish to face it. They just live by hiding or blinding their eyes to it. Just like the movie in the title of this post. But is it within us or does it act upon external forces?

When I left the decent-paying job at business TV news channel in Mumbai, where I was elevated to an Executive Producer just 2 years ago, I did not ever think that I will have to deal with ‘fear’. The fear of losing my connections, fear of being lost in the sea of a talented and ever-increasing pool of video producers and videographers, fear of just not getting the opportunity as a freelance video producer. I set up my own production house within the living room in my parent’s house where I made a small partition to call it my home-office plush with an editing workstation, a MacBook air and a printer.

I blew up my ‘End of service benefits’ on these specific assets as each had a role to play – ‘Protection against my fears’. The editing suite was to counter the fear ‘what if my prospective clients want open files or want to view RAW files in action?’ What if the video editor I hire doesn’t keep his side of the deal and leaves the project midway? The MacBook Air was to counter the fear of being dismissed as just another freelancer desperately looking for work. A Mac is not a regular laptop regular people happen to carry at least that’s what the common presumption is. Finally, the printer, to print my invoices/proposals/quotations with my branded stationery.

I think fear is good because it keeps us focused on what we need to achieve. Makes our goals perceivable and keeps the fight to achieve it real and a bit more kosher than hope. So I believe that fear rests within us to act as a subconscious compass to direct & drive us through the tasks we might be either lazy or too exhausted to undertake.

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