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“Time goes by so slowly that no one escapes its wrath.”

But this rule doesn’t apply to today’s digital scene aka social media. In the digital world, time moves at the speed of what is and is not ‘viral’! Post which goes unrecognizable vs the ones that get hundreds if not thousands of likes and comments. But platforms have made these rules so complex, that even a genuinely good post, won’t have any social dust while something as random as an egg video will get so much social mud. While the traditional mediums of expression are shifting, there has been a mass migration from platforms like Tumblr, Facebook and the likes to more video-micro-blogging ones like Tik Tok and Snapchat.

Race for Filters

People want to express, visually more than ever and they look upon the platforms to provide them with the means. Creativity is re-defined now to make the videos that the users post with augmented reality lenses, that track the user’s body. Gone are the days of the cat eyes filter or the animal ears and head filters, the tech is now moving swiftly ahead to make the user’s videos look as spectacular and artificial as ever.

Short-form Video vs Every Other Video

You are either made for it or not made for it, but you need to definitely try it. Whether you can sing, dance, pose or just go about your normal life and record that and post on TikTok. There is potential that you can become the next TikTok influencer.

Video is here to stay and no matter what you do, you can’t avoid the time passing by without a trace. My wife starts at 9.30 am on a weekend as soon as she wakes up and when she does realize that she has spent half her day on TikTok, she puts up a puppy face and eats breakfast and drinks the tea that’s sitting on the table cold and without any regret, but with 0 fulfilment as compared to a binged TED talk. But enough said. If you have time, go to YouTube and if you don’t go do TikTok.

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